Announcements for the week of 4/17/23

Announcements for the week of 4/17/23

Join Us for Sunday Worship at 10:00 AM

You are welcome to join us in person for worship! Please note that wearing face masks in the church building is voluntary.

Third Sunday of Easter

Pastor Al will be preaching from I John 2:1-17 “To Love as Jesus Loves: A New Old Commandment”

Second Look

If Al’s sermon brings up any questions or concerns, you will have an opportunity to meet with Al after the Sunday Service. Grab a cup of coffee/tea/water and some refreshment and meet at 11:45 in the courtyard. This should last about 30 minutes and childcare will be provided.

All are invited to come.

Save the Date

Grace Fellowship Community Church will be 40 years old on November 20!

We will be celebrating on Sunday, November 19. More details to follow.

New Sunday Bulletin Format

Our new Sunday bulletins will no longer print the Call to Worship and Prayer of Confession. Instead, they will be projected onto the monitors during our worship service. If you want the printed litanies for your personal reflection time, you can find them on this link.

Worship Litanies

Basketball and Pickleball

Are you looking for a group of people to play basketball and/or pickleball with? Are you looking for an alternative to going to a gym for a workout? Look no further, come to church and see the sanctuary be transformed into a basketball court on Tuesdays and a pickleball court on Wednesdays.

On Tuesdays, basketball is from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

On Wednesdays, pickleball is from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

All are invited to join in the fun and fellowship. If you have any questions, contact Daniel Ng.

Jam Session, Sunday May 7

Do you have a musical instrument stored somewhere waiting for the chance to be played in conjunction with other instruments? Well, you’ll have the opportunity to do it on Sunday May 7, in a jam session after the service. After a light lunch we’ll be ready to play for two hours from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. If you have a guitar, ukulele, violin, drums, tambourine, electric keyboard, maracas, claves…, bring them. And if you don't have one, but want to sing or just want to join us, you're invited. Just let us know if you’re planning to come, so we’ll have an idea of our number. For questions, ideas, songs or suggestions, you can contact Alejandro Juárez. See below for Alejandro’s contact information.

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