Who We Are

Grace Fellowship Community Church

At our heart, we seek to be a community that challenges itself to avoid easy answers and to always ask God to guide us deeper into relationship with God and each other.

In November 1983, Grace Fellowship Community Church began as a child church of the storied Cumberland Presbyterian Chinese Church in San Francisco Chinatown. Seeking to be a new expression of the church in San Francisco, we landed in the Mission District in 1992. We're a multi-ethnic and multi-generational community that seeks to love God and love our neighbor. Our many ministries have sprung from this desire. Come visit and see.

Grace Fellowship Community Church is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the Presbytery del Cristo. We have two sister churches in San Francisco, the Cumberland Presbyterian Chinese Church in Chinatown and Daly City and Redeemer Community Church in the Bayview neighborhood. Our denomination is active in eighteen countries.