Announcements for the week of 2/27/23

Announcements for the week of 2/27/23

Second Sunday in Lent

Pastor Al’s sermon title this week is “Good News Amphitheatre: Sharing God’s Story”

Second Look

Beginning this Sunday, March 5 and every Sunday after, we will have the opportunity to ask questions or respond to the sermon. Meet downstairs in the courtyard at 11:45. This should not last longer than 30 minutes and childcare will be provided.

Thus far, Pastor Al has preached on the following as part of the Discipleship series:

  • A New Old Thing: Renewed Faith Amid I-Don’t-Know
  • Discipleship Road: Becoming More Like Jesus
  • In the Garden of Devotion: Cultivating a Life of Worship
  • Signposts: Heeding the Ways of Wisdom
  • Church Outlook: Thoughts on Christian Community
  • Church on the Hill: Shining a Different Light
  • Caverns of the Holy: From Character to Conduct
  • Squalor Valley: The Social Dimension of Holiness

Take time to think, not just about this Sunday’s sermon, but the whole series thus far, and come with any comments or questions to this week’s Second Look.

Note that all of the Sunday sermons are now on the church website.

2023 Preaching Series | GFCC (

Come as the Spirit leads you, this is not mandatory.

Special Offering for the Relief Work in Turkey and Syria

Our church will be sending a gift of $5000 via Covenant World Relief and Development for the relief work following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. While the gift will be sent from the GFCC general fund, you can make an additional gift via our church portal or put a check (with Turkey/Syria Earthquake Relief on the memo line) in the offering box.

Make your gift by Sunday, March 5.

Covenant World Relief & Development - The Evangelical Covenant Church (

Tithes & Offerings Web Portal

Community Events

The Love Lab, March 7 to April 11

Our friend, Mark Scandrette, is holding a new lab. “We are seeking to create a brave space where it’s safe to talk about this very personal (and unfortunately polarizing) dimension of our lives.” You can read more about this lab and register on the links below.

THE LOVE LAB: a whole hearted path for love, intimacy and sexuality


CDC Website that gives guidelines on isolation and precautions when people can return after Covid.

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