1st Sunday of Advent

Announcements for the week of 11/27/23

Join Us for Sunday Worship at 10:00 AM

Wearing masks is optional. If you are in need of a mask, ask one of the ushers to get one for you.

1st Sunday of Advent

Pastor Al will be preaching from James 5:1-12 - “Be Patient: Justice is Coming!”

Please plan on staying after worship for a short family meeting. The Session and Pastoral Search Committee would like to share an update on our search for an Associate Pastor. For those of you on zoom, please stay on after the service, as we will keep zoom on for the update.  

Special Offering for Morocco/Libya/Palestine

On the night of Sept. 8, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit Morocco in the Atlas Mountains near the historic town of Marrakesh. The tremor, the biggest to strike the country in over a century, shattered hundreds of buildings and killed nearly 3,000 people.

Two days later, torrential rains caused two dams to collapse near Derna in northeastern Libya. The resulting floods inundated the city, killing more than 11,000 people.

The present day Israel-Hamas conflict has destroyed much of Gaza and killed 10,000 people.

We will be taking a special offering to these 3 places via CWRD (Covenant World Relief and Development).

If you wish to make a donation, please do so via our online giving portal or put a check in our offering box (with a notation for the special offering).

Sunday, December 3 will be the last day to receive this special offering.

Hanging of the Greens

Thank you to all of you who stayed last Sunday to prepare our church for Advent.

Advent Tree

Advent Staircase

Advent Devotional Book

We have copies of The Newborn King, An Advent Devotional of Global Voices Celebrating Jesus’s Birth published by Langham Partnership for your Advent devotional. If you are interested in having a copy, stop by the book cart and take one. If you prefer an electronic version, you can use this link.

Advent-e.pdf (rhcbc.org)

Alternative Gifts 2023

We have the opportunity to give alternative gifts this year. Alternative gifts are for those who would like to give money toward a ministry/organization (local, national, global) in someone's honor in lieu of giving a traditional Christmas gift. An acknowledgement card can then be shared with the honoree. More details will be forthcoming.  

GFCC Fall Adult Spiritual Formation Follow Up

For all the participants of GFCC Fall 2023 midweek series:

The GFCC Adult Spiritual Formation team kindly ask you to fill out this short survey by December 2nd to offer helpful feedback on the midweek series.

Click Here:

Fall 2023 ASF Evaluation

Second Look on the Book of James, Wednesday, December 6 at 7PM

Pastor Al will be completing the series of sermons on the book of James. All are invited to come to church on Wednesday, December 6 at 7PM to take a “Second Look” at the book of James. We will get the chance to discuss what God has impressed on our hearts about James and to ask follow up questions. We will be meeting in the courtyard. Any questions, please contact Pastor Al.

Summary of Sermon Questions on the Book of James:

James 1: 1-18: In thinking about the most recent trial or hardship that you’ve endured in your life, what good thing or things, if any, resulted from it?

James 1: 19-27: As you think about the nonverbal part of your faith—the practical, tangible part—how would you answer the question, ‘How are you doing with God?’

James 2: 1-13: When we say, “the poor,” who comes to mind (e.g., the homeless, refugees, etc.). And when we say, “the rich,” who comes to mind? Would you count yourself among the poor or the rich?

James 2: 14-26: What are some concrete ways in which your faith has transformed you? And what are some concrete ways you have been an agent of transformation in the lives of others?

James 3: 1-12: How powerful are words? Describe a time when you received a word from someone that either profoundly built you up or profoundly devastated you?

James 3:13-4:12: The possibility of peace between us and around the world has humble beginnings—namely, love in our hearts for others. In that light, how would you generally assess your regard for others, especially those whom you find disagreeable?

James 4: 13-17: (No question)

James 5: 1-12: (See Sunday Bulletin)

Sunday Service on Christmas Eve, December 24 

As Christmas Eve is on a Sunday, there will be no Christmas Eve evening service. However, we do want to have a time of fellowship after the Sunday service. If you are able, we invite you to bring a special treat (cake, pie, cookies, muffins, bread, finger sandwiches, etc…) to share with the congregation during our refreshment time. If you have any questions, contact Jennifer or Caroline.

Last Love Feast of 2023, December 31

What better way to end the year than to share a meal with each other? For the last Love Feast of the year, if you are able, we invite you to bring something for a potluck lunch. There will be no sign ups so bring whatever you can/want as a love offering to our congregation.  

We will also be having a family meeting during our meal.

If you have any questions, contact Caroline or Jennifer.

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